Thin Ice

The beginning

The Thin Ice project began over a cup of coffee at a climate change and governance conference in Wellington in 2006. Peter Barrett (Victoria University) suggested to Simon Lamb (then at Oxford University) that he make a film about the science of climate change with his friend David Sington (DOX Productions)

The idea was to let people see an insider’s view of the astonishing range of human activity and scientific work needed to understand the world’s changing climate. Viewers would then be able to decide individually and collectively how to deal with the issue.

What they did

Simon and David talked to researchers on four continents as they explained their work measuring changes in the atmosphere, oceans and ice sheets. They also discovered how scientists use computer models to understand the effects of those changes.

Global launch

The global launch of Thin Ice on Earth Day 2013 was a huge success. With the generous support of students, teachers, academics, scientists, and the public, Thin Ice was screened in over 200 locations around the world on that day. An additional 19,000 online viewings were made. People watched the film in at least 120 countries, on all seven continents – from Antarctica and Mongolia to Libya and Peru, Thin Ice reached around the world.

This map shows the global reach of the Earth Day launch of the movie on April 22nd and 23rd, 2013. Blue shading shows countries where the film was streamed online. Germany and the United States recorded the most views during the launch week.



Past screenings

Thin Ice has screened around the world. View a list of past screenings.

Film credits

A David Sington/Simon Lamb Film

Directors Simon Lamb and David Sington

Co-producer Catherine Fitzgerald

Executive Producers Peter Barrett and Philip England

Editor David Fairhead

Music Phillip Sheppard

Photographer Simon Lamb

Additional photography Tony Burrows, Christoph Lerch and Chris Terpstra

Sound Sarah Kinsella, Michael Kerslake, Tony Williams, Rudolf Schwarz, Steve Cochran and James Rae

Special thanks to

Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences

Victoria University of Wellington

- Research Office (Professor Neil Quigley)

- Victoria University Foundation (Tricia Walbridge)

- Faculty of Science, Architecture & Design (David Bibby)

- Teaching Aids (Steve Cochran and staff)

Antarctica New Zealand

- Lou Sanson and staff in Christchurch

- Staff at Scott Base for logistical support during the 2007/8 Antarctic field season

United States National Science Foundation

- Office of Polar Programs

- Staff at McMurdo Station for logistical support during the 2007/8 Antarctic field season

National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)

- The captains and crews of the of the RV Tangaroa and RV Kaharoa

University Museum of Natural History, Oxford University

- Prof. Jim Kennedy

British High Commission, New Zealand

Chris Harrington, Philippa Norton and Ric Nye

Glassworks, Wellington, New Zealand

- Grant Franklin

British Embassy, Copenhagen, Denmark

- Mogens Olsen


And thanks for

Satellite imagery courtesy of Geoeye and NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Scientific Visualization Studio ( and

Ocean current animation courtesy of CSIRO, Australia,  kindly animated at 1080p by Graeme Whittle.

One year computer weather simulation courtesy of the UK–Japan Climate Collaboration animated by R. Stockli & P.L. Vidale.

Global temperature data courtesy of Goddard Institute of Space Studies - GISTEMP Project (Dr James Hansen and Robert Schmunk) .

Ice core record courtesy of NOAA Ice Core Gateway, Etheridge et al. 1996, Jouzel et al. 2007, Luthi et al. 2008.

CO2 historical emissions data courtesy of Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre (CDIAC).


Website credits

Website Design

James Franklin, Assemble

Heidi Roop, web content manager and global launch promotion

Production Team

Peter Barrett, Catherine Fitzgerald, Simon Lamb,

Heidi Roop, Rhian Salmon and Dan Zwartz

Past screenings

Date Venue
Apr 22 12:00 AM Incheon Korea Polar Research Institute
Apr 22 12:00 AM Morris, MN University of Minnesota, Morris
Apr 22 12:00 AM Roanoke, VA Hollins University
Apr 22 1:00 AM Gabarone University of Botswana
Apr 22 8:00 AM Lexington, SC Lexington High School
Apr 22 8:15 AM Lake Luzerne, NY Hadley Luzerne High School
Apr 22 8:20 AM Tallahassee, FL Maclay School
Apr 22 9:00 AM Northridge, CA California State University-Northridge
Apr 22 10:00 AM Augusta, ME University of Maine Augusta
Apr 22 10:00 AM Kankakee, IL Kankakee Community College
Apr 22 10:00 AM Kansas City, MO Kansas City Zoo
Apr 22 10:00 AM Orono, ME University of Maine
Apr 22 10:00 AM Queensland University of the Sunshine Coast
Apr 22 10:00 AM San Juan Capistrano, CA San Juan Capistrano
Apr 22 11:00 AM Bangalore Indian Institute of Science, Malleshwaram
Apr 22 11:00 AM Champaign, IL Parkland College
Apr 22 11:00 AM Charlotte, NC University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Apr 22 11:00 AM Kingwood, TX Lone Star College-Kingwood
Apr 22 11:00 AM University Center, MI Delta College
Apr 22 11:00 AM Vancouver, WA Washington State University Vancouver
Apr 22 11:30 AM Reston, VA U.S. Geological Survey- Eastern Geology and Paleoclimate Science Center
Apr 22 11:30 AM Saint Louis, MO University of Missouri-St Louis
Apr 22 11:30 AM San Antonio, TX Alamo Colleges, St. Philip’s College
Apr 22 12:00 PM Aarhus Aarhus University
Apr 22 12:00 PM Boston, MA Second Nature
Apr 22 12:00 PM Cambridge British Antarctic Survey
Apr 22 12:00 PM Chico, CA Chico State University
Apr 22 12:00 PM Kansas City, MO Kansas City Zoo
Apr 22 12:00 PM Keshena, WI College of Menominee Nation
Apr 22 12:00 PM Melbourne CBD Federation Square
Apr 22 12:00 PM Pune Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM)
Apr 22 12:00 PM Santiago Center for Climate and Resilience Research
Apr 22 12:00 PM Victoria, BC Ocean Networks Canada
Apr 22 12:00 PM West Windsor, NJ Mercer County Community College
Apr 22 12:15 PM Aberystwyth The Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University
Apr 22 12:15 PM Durham Durham University
Apr 22 12:30 PM Dundee University of Dundee
Apr 22 12:30 PM Samoa University of the South Pacific-Alafua
Apr 22 12:30 PM Toronto, Ontario University of Toronto
Apr 22 1:00 PM Austin, TX Austin Community College District
Apr 22 1:00 PM Charleston, SC Medical University of South Carolina
Apr 22 1:00 PM Maxwell Bay, King George Island Base Científica Antártica Artigas
Apr 22 1:00 PM Wye Mills, MD Chesapeake College
Apr 22 2:00 PM Davis, CA University of California - Davis
Apr 22 2:00 PM Kansas City, MO Kansas City Zoo
Apr 22 2:00 PM Kingston, Tasmania Australian Antarctic Division
Apr 22 2:00 PM San Antonio, TX Alamo Colleges
Apr 22 2:00 PM Sydney University of New South Wales
Apr 22 2:30 PM Bamako National School of Engineers- Mali
Apr 22 2:30 PM Tempe, AZ Corona del Sol High School
Apr 22 2:45 PM Salt Spring Island, BC Salt Spring Climate Action Council Society
Apr 22 3:00 PM Arlington, VA Arctic Research Commission
Apr 22 3:00 PM Bremen Leobener Strasse
Apr 22 3:00 PM Edmonton, Alberta Government of Alberta Climate Change Secretariat
Apr 22 3:00 PM Jamestown, NY Jamestown Community College
Apr 22 3:00 PM Naraganett, RI University of Rhode Island
Apr 22 3:00 PM Riverside, CA University of California- Riverside
Apr 22 4:00 PM Mahwah, NJ Ramapo College of New Jersey
Apr 22 4:00 PM Ogden, UT Weber State University
Apr 22 4:00 PM Swansea Swansea University
Apr 22 4:30 PM Frostburg, MD Frostburg State University
Apr 22 4:30 PM Rolla, MO Missouri University of Science and Technology
Apr 22 5:00 PM Auckland NIWA - Auckland
Apr 22 5:00 PM Baltimore, MD University of Maryland Baltimore County
Apr 22 5:00 PM Melbourne CBD Federation Square
Apr 22 5:00 PM Nauru University of the South Pacific-Nauru
Apr 22 5:00 PM Oslo Center for International Climate and Environmental Research
Apr 22 5:00 PM Oxford University of Oxford Reserve Tickets
Apr 22 5:00 PM Portland, OR Portland State University
Apr 22 5:00 PM Wayne, NJ William Paterson University
Apr 22 5:15 PM Bristol University of Bristol
Apr 22 5:30 PM Auckland Auckland War Memorial Museum
Apr 22 5:30 PM Bothell, WA University of Washington- Bothell
Apr 22 5:30 PM Cardiff Cardiff University Reserve Tickets
Apr 22 5:30 PM Collinsville, IL Sanford-Brown Collinsville Campus
Apr 22 5:30 PM Edinburgh Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation Reserve Tickets
Apr 22 5:30 PM Johannesburg Witwatersrand University
Apr 22 5:30 PM Loughborough Loughborough University
Apr 22 5:30 PM Suva University of the South Pacific
Apr 22 6:00 PM Brighton, NY Paul Smith’s College
Apr 22 6:00 PM Cambridge The Polar Museum Reserve Tickets
Apr 22 6:00 PM Christchurch University of Canterbury, Ilam Campus
Apr 22 6:00 PM Irvine, CA University of California Irvine
Apr 22 6:00 PM Lexington, KY Private Home
Apr 22 6:00 PM Logan, UT Utah State University
Apr 22 6:00 PM London University College London
Apr 22 6:00 PM Palm Desert, CA UCR Palm Desert
Apr 22 6:00 PM Phoenix, AZ Phoenix College
Apr 22 6:00 PM Southampton National Oceanography Centre - University of Southampton
Apr 22 6:00 PM Tempe, AZ Arizona State University
Apr 22 6:00 PM Weatherford, OK Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College
Apr 22 6:00 PM Wellington Museum of New Zealand- Te Papa
Apr 22 6:15 PM Dunedin University of Otago
Apr 22 6:30 PM Christchurch International Antarctic Centre
Apr 22 6:30 PM Grahamstown Rhodes University
Apr 22 6:30 PM Lahaina, HI UH Maui College
Apr 22 6:30 PM Toledo, OH University of Toledo
Apr 22 6:45 PM Decatur, GA Agnes Scott College
Apr 22 6:45 PM Pasadena, CA Caltech
Apr 22 7:00 PM Aiken, SC University of South Carolina Aiken
Apr 22 7:00 PM Alfred, NY Alfred State College
Apr 22 7:00 PM Alliance, OH University of Mount Union
Apr 22 7:00 PM Amherst, MA Hampshire College
Apr 22 7:00 PM Anvers Island (US base) Antarctic Peninsula
Apr 22 7:00 PM Auburn, AL Auburn University
Apr 22 7:00 PM Bemidji, MN Bemidji State University
Apr 22 7:00 PM Biddeford, ME University of New England
Apr 22 7:00 PM Canberra Australian National University
Apr 22 7:00 PM Cedar Falls, IA University of Northern Iowa
Apr 22 7:00 PM Dartmouth, MA University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Apr 22 7:00 PM Dublin Dublin City University Reserve Tickets
Apr 22 7:00 PM Fort St John, BC Northern Environmental Action Team
Apr 22 7:00 PM Halley Station (UK base) Brunt Ice Shelf
Apr 22 7:00 PM International Falls, MN International Falls
Apr 22 7:00 PM Irvine, CA University of California Irvine
Apr 22 7:00 PM Laramie, WY University of Wyoming
Apr 22 7:00 PM Las Vegas, NV University of Nevada Las Vegas
Apr 22 7:00 PM Lexington, VA Washington and Lee University
Apr 22 7:00 PM Linz, Upper Austria Linz
Apr 22 7:00 PM Macquarie Island- Tasmania Macquarie Island
Apr 22 7:00 PM MacRoberson Land, Mawson Station (Australia base)
Apr 22 7:00 PM Mandaluyong Climate Change Commission
Apr 22 7:00 PM Memphis, TN Rhodes College
Apr 22 7:00 PM Mequon, WI Mequon
Apr 22 7:00 PM Princess Elizabeth Land Davis Station (Australian base)
Apr 22 7:00 PM Raisting Raisting
Apr 22 7:00 PM Ross Island McMurdo Station
Apr 22 7:00 PM Rothera (UK base) Antarctic Peninsula
Apr 22 7:00 PM Scott Base Ross Island, Antarctica
Apr 22 7:00 PM South Pole (US base) South Pole Station
Apr 22 7:00 PM St. Peter, MN Gustavus Adolphus College
Apr 22 7:00 PM Toronto, Ontario Green Neighbours 21
Apr 22 7:00 PM Westminster, MD McDaniel College
Apr 22 7:00 PM Wilkes Land Casey Station (Australia)
Apr 22 7:15 PM Terre Haute, IN Cunningham Memorial Library
Apr 22 7:30 PM Bluffton, SC Hilton Head Gateway Campus
Apr 22 7:30 PM Colchester Slack Space Art Gallery
Apr 22 7:30 PM Waitomo Caves Waitomo Caves Discovery Centre
Apr 23 10:00 AM Kansas City, MO Kansas City Zoo
Apr 23 11:10 AM Fullerton, CA Fullerton College
Apr 23 12:00 PM Kansas City, MO Kansas City Zoo
Apr 23 12:00 PM Logan, UT Utah State University
Apr 23 12:00 PM Wellington Victoria University of Wellington
Apr 23 12:45 PM Blue Bell, PA Montgomery County Community College
Apr 23 12:45 PM Pottstown, PA Montgomery County Community College
Apr 23 2:00 PM Geneseo, NY Geneseo Central School
Apr 23 2:00 PM Kansas City, MO Kansas City Zoo
Apr 23 2:00 PM Pleasant Hill, CA Diablo Valley College
Apr 23 3:00 PM Rarotonga Janice Moore's home
Apr 23 3:30 PM Bothell, WA University of Washington- Bothell
Apr 23 4:00 PM Leeds University of Leeds
Apr 23 5:00 PM Kansas City, MO Kansas City Zoo
Apr 23 6:00 PM Berkeley, CA UC Berkeley
Apr 23 6:00 PM George Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University- George Campus
Apr 23 6:00 PM Orono, ME University of Maine
Apr 23 6:00 PM Port Elizabeth Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Apr 23 6:45 PM Melbourne, VIC Swinburne University
Apr 23 7:00 PM Cedar Rapids, IA Coe College
Apr 23 7:00 PM Grinnell, IA Grinnell College
Apr 23 7:00 PM Postdam Potsdam, Institute for Climate Impacts, Great Cupola
Apr 23 7:00 PM Postdam Potsdam, Institute for Climate Impacts, Great Cupola
Apr 23 7:30 PM Oberlin, OH Oberlin College
Apr 23 7:30 PM Wells-next-the-Sea Wells Maltings Trust
Apr 23 7:30 PM Zürich Hub Zürich

Apr 23 8:00 PM Onekaka, Golden Bay Mussel Inn
Apr 23 8:00 PM Stevens Point, WI University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point
Apr 24 12:00 PM Kalamazoo, MI Western Michigan University, Lee Honors College
Apr 24 12:30 PM Fayetteville, AR University of Arkansas
Apr 24 1:00 PM Aspendale CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
Apr 24 1:00 PM Montevideo Instituto Antártico Uruguayo
Apr 24 2:00 PM Davis, CA University of California - Davis
Apr 24 3:00 PM Port Elizabeth Missionvale Conference Centre
Apr 24 4:30 PM Loch Sheldrake, NY SUNY Sullivan
Apr 24 4:30 PM Lowell, MA University of Massachusetts Lowell
Apr 24 6:00 PM Port Elizabeth South End Museum
Apr 24 8:00 PM Saint Vincent Sterlanges Saint Vincent Sterlanges
Apr 25 3:00 PM Port Elizabeth Red Location Museum
Apr 25 5:00 PM Ibadan Unviersity of Ibadan
Apr 25 5:30 PM Seattle, WA Seattle Public Library- Northeast Branch
Apr 26 6:00 PM Georgetown, TX Southwestern University
Apr 26 6:00 PM Port Elizabeth Bird Street Campus
Apr 27 2:00 PM Honolulu, HI Transition University
Apr 27 2:00 PM Huntingdon Valley, PA Huntingdon Valley
Apr 30 12:00 PM San Francisco, CA University of California- San Francisco
May 17 8:00 PM Dunbar Bleachingfield Centre
May 19 7:00 PM Paekakariki, New Zealand St Peters Hall
May 24 7:30 PM Warrandyte Warrandyte Mechanics Institute Hall
May 28 7:00 PM Auckland University of Auckland
Jun 12 12:45 PM Sheffield Doc Fest Library Theatre Buy Tickets
Jun 13 10:15 AM Sheffield Doc Fest Library Theatre Buy Tickets
Jun 22 6:00 PM Reel Earth Film Festival Environmental Film Festival Palmerston North The Globe Theatre Main St Buy Tickets
Jun 27 8:00 PM Coldfoot, Alaska Arctic Interagency Visitor Center
Aug 16 6:00 PM Belmont, Victoria South Barwon Community Centre Reserve Tickets
Nov 13 3:00 PM Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science
Nov 18 7:30 PM Te Puke, New Zealand Masonic Lodge, Oxford Street
Nov 23 7:00 PM Monymusk, Scotland Monymusk Village Hall Reserve Tickets
Nov 28 8:00 PM Munich, Bavaria Rachel Carson Center, Gasteig München Reserve Tickets
Dec 9 5:30 PM San Francisco American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
Jan 12 7:00 PM Transition Stroud Lansdown Hall & Gallery, Stroud Reserve Tickets
Jan 30 7:00 PM Princeton Environmental Film Festival Princeton Public Library Buy Tickets
Feb 6 6:00 PM Cinemondo Stockholm Stockholm University: Universitetsvägen 10 Buy Tickets
Mar 13 8:00 PM Free Community Screening Logie Coldstone Village Hall
Mar 19 6:30 PM Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital Edmund Burke School Buy Tickets
Mar 31 6:00 PM Cape Town Eco Film Festival The Labia Theatre Buy Tickets
Apr 4 6:00 PM New Zealand Association of Scientists Annual Conference Owen G. Glenn Building
Apr 28 5:15 PM European Geosciences Union General Assembly GeoCinema Austria Center Vienna
Apr 30 12:15 PM European Geosciences Union General Assembly GeoCinema Austria Center Vienna
May 2 5:15 PM European Geosciences Union General Assembly GeoCinema Austria Center Vienna
May 21 7:30 AM Engineers for Social Responsibility, Auckland Branch School of Engineering, University of Auckland, Room 3.408, 20 Symonds Street Reserve Tickets
Jul 16 7:00 PM Kapiti College Margaret Road
Opening   Aug 28 World Science Festival screening of Thin Ice - the inside story of climate science The Vic Cinema, Devonport Buy Tickets
Sep 7 6:30 AM Greenscreen International Wildlife Festival Ostsee-Info-Center Buy Tickets
Opening   Oct 8 Fall Sustainability Series The Athena Cinema Buy Tickets
Nov 10 7:30 PM Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival Girona Cinemas Buy Tickets