Thin Ice


“Thin Ice – the inside story of climate change” is based on interviews with climate scientists between 2007 and 2010, and captures the knowledge and understanding of the times as reported at conferences and in research papers of this period. Since then research has added robustness to the findings, and the UN Paris Agreement of December 2015 has reflected a global commitment to one of the key messages of the film – the need to reduce carbon emissions to zero before 2100.

Dame Jane Francis, British Antarctic Survey September 2013

Jane describes how fossil plants in the Arctic and Antarctic provide clues to the planet's climate over geological time. In the Greenhouse World, in which global temperature peaked 50 million years ago, both poles were covered by luxuriant vegetation. Since that time it has declined and disappeared as ice sheets grew. The warming of recent decades, if continued unchecked, could lead to the polar regions becoming green again.