Thin Ice

What to do

The science is clear, climate change is happening.

If you would like to join us in learning more or help to reduce CO2 emissions, here are some things you can do:

  1. Buy THIN ICE and watch it with your friends and family
  2. Keep in touch by liking our Facebook page
  3. Join a climate action group – local, national or international. We recommend:

    Learn more

    These websites are written by respected science organisations where we expect the material to remain updated and valid.

    Facts and news

    In 2017 Vivid Economics was commissioned by GLOBE-NZ – a cross-party group of 35 members of the New Zealand Parliament – to produce a scenario analysis across the New Zealand economy to help illuminate long-term low-emission pathways. The report can be found here.

    New Zealand's Royal Society has produced two major documents in 2016 which examine mitigation options for New Zealand and the likely impacts and implications of climate change. is a blog written by climate scientists. The discussions can be very high level, but the ‘start here’ page contains an excellent list of respected sources.

    Climate Change Information contains New Zealand-based climate change information.

    Climate Change Evidence and Causes is a summary of the issues in FAQ format.

    Hot Topic blog – climate news for New Zealand.


    On Skeptical Science you can learn more about a disputed issue in the climate debate. The science is presented according to different levels of complexity – from a tweet, through basic, to advanced, and is based on content from peer-reviewed papers.

    Yale Environment 360 provides the latest news, opinion and debate in climate science.

    Personal stories

    Thin Ice presents the stories of people working in climate science. Very few of these people would call themselves climate scientists – they are a collection of people who study the ocean, air, past climate, numerical models, physics, ice, etc.

    These blogs and websites are from people within this community, and show the excitement and frustrations of their work.

    NASA - Global Climate Change



    University research

    Oxford University and Victoria University of Wellington have active research programmes in climate change and related research, and worldwide networks of collaborators.

    Oxford University

    Victoria University of Wellington