Thin Ice

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These pages contain information about climate change, resources for teachers and videos showing climate scientists at work. The videos provide more in-depth discussion of the topics covered in Thin Ice, the movie.

Teachers' resources for the classroom

The Teachers' Guide provides a context for teaching and learning about climate science and related issues in the New Zealand science curriculum. The Synopsis is a 4 page easy-to-read guide that follows the chapter structure of the film, and applies to both the 56 and 73 minute versions of Thin Ice.

The English subtitles are useful for checking just what was said and when without having to run through the whole film.

The Classroom Resources were prepared for the 2016 NZ Association of Science Educators Annual Conference in Lower Hutt in July 2016. They include sample lessons, a Field Trip guide for Wellington, and slides explaining climate science in response to common questions from students.

THIN ICE Teachers' Guide July 2016

THIN ICE Synopsis

THIN ICE English subtitles-56min

THIN ICE English subtitles-73min

Classroom Resources for New Zealand Teachers

Topics with short videos in order of appearance in film

Notes on interview timing and why the focus on CO2

Most video material was filmed between June 2007 and September 2009, prior to the UN Copenhagen meeting in December 2009, but a few eg with Ray Pierrehumbert, were in 2010. Since then, research has continued apace, summarised in another IPCC Assessment Report in 2013/14 ( and on-going reviews on specific topics. Since then global temperatures have continued to rise ( for the NASA video to 2015, and CO2 levels continue to rise (

CO2 is a bigger problem than most other greenhouse gases because it takes thousands of years to be taken up by earth, ocean and biosphere (20% remains after 10,000 years). For more information, see this review by David Archer.