Thin Ice

Measuring atmospheric gases, Baring Head, New Zealand

Katja Riedel and Martin Manning talk about how the levels of CO2 and oxygen in the atmosphere are routinely measured at the Baring Head clean air monitoring station in New Zealand. CO2 is rising and O2 falling.


Aneleh Midgley - 18 Apr 13
Hi there
I'm really impressed with what you've been doing for so long. My ex-husband has been trying to warn people for the past 20 years about the CO2 levels. Unfortunately some people still think global warming/climate change is a hoax - including a man I worked for at the University of Auckland (who has a MSc in biochemistry!), so we have to get these facts out to them.
Why don't you organise the showing of the "thin ice" movie and others at all the universities? At least the younger generation will listen.


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