Thin Ice

THIN ICE - The inside story of climate science


Norm Cimon - 06 Feb 13
Found part of the documentary on Stefan Rahmstorf's home page. I regularly scan his website looking for new research. He's exactly the sort of person who's work and thoughts should be highlighted for everyone to see. Thank you for putting this together.
Nick Nicholas - 05 Apr 13
Heard part of your RadioNZ interview with Kim Hill 6.4.13 while out driving. I am a non-scientist and follow the climate debate closely.
Very keen to see the doco and to learn of the views of the participants.

Having regard to the Earth's past climate/geology/etc record, I am not convinced about the AGW theory/Co2 etc causing alarming warming but need to know more.

Hopefully your film may appear in book/DVD form so one can study it at leisure. Congratulations on making the effort to make this film.
Toby Thaler - 09 Apr 13
Nick said "I am a non-scientist and follow the climate debate closely... I am not convinced about the AGW theory." You are not following the debate closely enough.

I work on climate adaptation in communities around North America. Impacts are happening now. There was an extreme heat wave in Europe in 2003 that killed upwards of 50,000 ( The Arctic ice sheet is rapidly disappearing with ice free summer likely this decade. Hansen's paper on the shift of extreme heat events two standard deviations toward the hot is compelling. (
Etc.; I could post many more examples from my work in forestry and water resources.

I follow the science--the policy debate and pseudo-debate by deniers is not science--and it is very clear that we have to quit using fossil fuels as soon as possible. The alternative future is not pleasant to contemplate.
John Monro - 09 Apr 13
Thank you so much for making this film. I am looking forward to seeing it, but it will probably make me cry. I will cry because it will present a simple truth that we are refusing to acknowledge, and I'll be crying for myself, my family and our planet. This film will not be shown on NZ television, this is where I live, of that I'm sure. Thus 70% of the NZ population will not know about this film, nor understand what is happening. In twenty thousand hours of peak hour viewing in the two main TV channels over the last ten years, not a single programme devoted to global warming has been shown, excluding the film "The Global Warming Conspiracy" This speaks for itself. There is indeed a conspiracy about climate science, but it is not the scientists who take part, it is instead a conspiracy of an anti-rational, greedy, corrupt and cynical part of humanity whose concern for their enrichment outweighs their concern for their fellow creatures, including their own family.
dan bloom - 09 Apr 13
think POLAR CITIES, google the term
Jan Galkoski - 09 Apr 13

Need to organize viewing parties!!
elmer - 09 Apr 13
It's mid April here in Minnesota and we're supposed to get 10" of snow, so I'd have to go with pedaling a lie.
Toby Joyce - 09 Apr 13
Excellent introduction, really whets the appetite.

From what I see there is a lot of new faces and new voices in this story. With due respect to James Hansen, Michael Mann and Phil Jones, they bore the brunt of a first wave of swingeing assaults on science. It is fantastic to see a new generation step up.
Paul Vincelli - 09 Apr 13
I am a publishing agricultural scientist, so I know and understand the practice of science. I've studied many hundreds of climate-science papers, and last year, I attended three climate-science conferences. It is abundantly clear to me that climate scientists are practicing science to as high standards as any scientific discipline I am familiar with. I am beginning to be seriously concerned about how elected members of our government repeatedly accuse the community of publishing scientists of creating a hoax. What does this say about our country?
Evie - 15 Apr 13
Excellent post. I certainly love this site. Keep it up!
Christopher Sorlien - 16 Apr 13
I liked the trailer and look forward to seeing the film. I just moved to an island in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, USA. Our house is at 20 m elevation and built to 180 km/hour winds. I emailed the realtor who sold us the lot, because she runs the arts center here, and suggested she might show the film. This is a rocky coast and I have been spending vacations on this island for 57 years. I can see the relative sea level rise on 500 million old rocks; has been about 10 cm since I was young. But half of that is the collapse of the bulge around the ice sheets from the last glacial maximum: Rhode Island is sinking at 1.5 mm/yr. But this is complicated, and the Newport tide gauge does not show an acceleration of relative sea level rise since 1930.
Greg Dance - 17 Apr 13
The denialist hard heads in the trailer are desperate men, just look at their faces!
They demonstrate clearly that in todays media dominated world the powerful sound bites of deceivers has an advantage over the much longer and balanced messages of truth sayers. Truths need careful presentation and in complex topics rarely keep the attentions of most. Yet as climate change effects occur increasingly in frequency and magnitude the "told you so" gets louder.
Pity its always too late by this time!
Jonathon - 18 Apr 13
Keep on working, great job!
Sonja - 18 Apr 13
There is definately a lot to learn about this subject.
I really like all the points you made.
Nannie - 19 Apr 13
Excellent way of telling, and good article to take facts about
my presentation subject, which i am going to deliver in university.
Terry White - 21 Apr 13
Hi Folks

I'm very keen to show this movie at home and group screenings in my home town in Maryborough.

How can i arrange this?

warm regards

Nikole - 23 Apr 13
Thanks for finally talking about >THIN ICE
- The inside story of climate science | Thin Ice <Liked it!
Alex Kirby - 23 Apr 13
Thank you for this. The more scientists there are who describe factually what is happening, the more chance that people will start to take notice of them.
Celinda - 23 Apr 13
Saved as a favorite, I really like your web site!
Christopher Sorlien - 24 Apr 13
email to woman who run local film series:
Mariel and I watched the film on line and I'm not sure what to say about whether it would be good for your film series. You could both watch the trailer?

First, the good thing is that it is not the same stuff you hear on public television or the science channel. I learned a fair amount.

The bad thing is that it did not show a lot of Antarctic scenery; it showed a certain amount of ships at sea.

It was mostly talking to scientists studying climate change, partly to show this is not a hoax. I think the scientists did a good job at being coherent, and it should be understandable for non-scientists who are somewhat science literate. There is a fair amount of atmospheric chemistry and physics; why CO2 warms the earth. I hate chemistry but found this interesting, and this is where I learned something.

I work on past climates part of the time, a bit indirectly most of the time, and there was not very much on that.

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