Thin Ice

  • Martin in London and Daniel in Germany explain technologies for reducing emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning power stations by trapping, liquifying and storing it deep underground.

  • Martin Manning talks about his role as head of the Support Team for the IPCC Working Group I (Science of Climate Change), and some of the conclusions in the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report released in 2007.

  • Stefan explains why we should be concerned about climate change and especially sea level rise.

  • The Adelie penguin colony at Cape Bird, Antarctica, is doing well. However, as Brian and Katie explain, if the sea ice goes the way of ice around the Antarctic Peninsula, the colony will not survive.

  • Malte Meinshausen explains the problems of predicting global warming from rising CO2 emissions. His modelling suggests that we have a budget of about a trillion tonnes of CO2 for a good chance of keeping global temperatures below 2°C. To remain within it though, we must reduce CO2 emissions dramatically in the next few years and eventually to zero.

  • Reflections on a warming planet

    • Posted on 14th Jun
    • Category: Video

    Myles reflects on the consequences of rising emissions of carbon dioxide for our climate.

  • Being a scientist - personal thoughts

    • Posted on 13th Jun
    • Category: Video

    Dave Harwood defines science, Nancy Bertler and Ros Rickaby talk about what turned them on to it,  Wally Broecker reflects on what's  important about it for him, and Liz Sikes explains why she enjoys it.

  • Sir Lloyd Geering is New Zealand's foremost religious thinker. He talks about changing attitudes in recent times. They should make it easier for us to deal with climate change, but there are still huge barriers.

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